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Your digital footprint is more than the tactics you use. It's how the people who matter most perceive and engage with your brand

Our Process & Approach:

  • 01. Research

    Market Assessment & Discovery

    Today’s consumers have a complex and ever-changing relationship with media, constantly challenging how and where engagement happens. Through our in-depth research process, Adigma uncovers ways for your brand to resonate with your audience at the right time, at the right place, and in the right way.
  • 02. Planning

    Strategic & Tactical Planning

    Adigma analyzes the acquired data and provides your brand with comprehensive feedback. Once this data is processed, we work with your brand to develop a plan for your campaign that is tailored to meet your audience’s specific needs, address industry trends, and keep competitors at bay.
  • 03. Execution

    Development & Implementation

    After a strategy has been agreed upon, Adigma provides your brand with the tools necessary to take your marketing campaign live and monitor its progress, as well as making course adjustments throughout its cycle.
  • 04. Analytics

    Analysis & Reporting

    Robust analytics and reporting show the marketing return on investment and other data critical to your business goals and objectives. We pride ourselves on transparency, exploring where we delivered on expectations and where we missed, and utilize the data to find your competitive edge.

Adigma has the road map to get your campaign to the desired destination.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Adigma is prepared to be your single partner, with industry best marketing services to meet your individual and particular needs. Your campaign will receive singular attention, with clear and accurate reporting based on the return for your investment, an integrated marketing strategy across all channels, and a single monthly invoice, all with the focused goal of simplicity.

Take advantage of our dedicated account management team and our commitment to total transparency, and we’re confident you won’t regret it.

Our goal is to become your most trusted marketing partner.

Adigma is led by a highly trained team of marketing veterans with over 35 years of combined experience. We know what your business needs to succeed, and we’re here to help you acheive it.


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